Concessions > Reusable Cups and Bags

Many sports facilities sell or give out reusable bags and/or cups at games or league events in lieu of disposable ones.  Consider providing the option of a reusable bag or cup when attendees make purchases at concessions or merchandise stands.  When choosing these products, consider the following attributes:

  • Products containing highest feasible recycled content (especially postconsumer recycled content)
  • Products containing materials that are organically grown and/or made from agricultural residues (byproducts of crops otherwise disposed as waste)
  • Products that are recyclable (or compostable, if that’s an option in your community) at end of life
  • Products that do not contain PVC (vinyl) which is associated with toxic emissions in production, use, and disposal
  • Products with minimal packaging

Environmental Benefits

The production and disposal of single-use plastic cups and bags contributes to a number of environmental impacts. Most plastic is produced from fossil fuel-derived products, which increases our consumption of nonrenewable sources. Fossil fuel drilling and exploration contributes to global warming pollution, oil spills and habitat destruction. By purchasing recycled-content and recyclable bags, cups or bottles, and by recycling these products at the end of their use, your organization can help reduce these impacts.