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Improving your facility’s infrastructure to promote walking and bicycling can be a relatively inexpensive, small-scale change that supports ecologically preferable transportation. By improving pedestrian and bicycle access to your facility for fans, your organization can help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution on game days, which benefits the environment as well as the health of fans, employees, and players. Bicycling also helps keep fans healthier through exercise.

Tips to promote bicycling and walking:

  • Provide secure and conveniently located bicycle racks for fans travelling to the venue.
  • Provide safe pedestrian walkways to the facility from nearby transit options.
  • Prominently display, feature on your website, and distribute pedestrian and bike maps.
  • Offer incentives for walking or biking to the venue.
  • Arrange discounts at local bicycling shops for ticket-holders.
  • Disseminate information concerning bike routes and bicycle-friendly public transportation connections to fans and feature all environmentally preferable transit information on your website.

Environmental Benefits

The transportation sector is one of the main sources of smog, carbon monoxide, global warming, and harmful particles that can cause respiratory illnesses and other health problems. Bicycling or walking helps reduce all of these impacts, saves money, and is a healthy way to begin and end the day.

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